Be Free from Data Loss Anxiety with Veeam

Experiencing data loss due to unforeseen disasters, such as ransomware attacks or power outages can result in business downtime. A survey found that one hour of downtime cost 81% respondents more than $300,000. Moreover, it is not guaranteed that the data is recoverable. If it does, it will take days to weeks and many resources.

To eliminate the issue above, Veeam has released a backup and recovery solution that can recover failed virtual machines in less than two minutes. Moreover, Veeam can accommodate and backup thousands of VMs with ease where you can self-setup a deployment in 15 minutes. Veeam provides backup for all workloads, either physical, virtual or cloud. Veeam also embraces virtualization for backup. This removes the need for agents which reduce business cost. Veeam ensures continuous availability and speedy data recovery in your business.

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Easy to Deploy and Configure

Download, install, configure and complete a full backup of 25 VMs in just 1 hour.

Automated Recovery Verification

Automatically test and verify every backup and every virtual machine (VM) for recoverability.

Built-in Advanced Replication

Easily maintain a copy of your backups on offsite secondary storage.

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